Items to note in the coming two weeks…


A couple of items to note as we approach the latter half of October…

Mid-Module Assessments are happening now.  Along with that, more challenging lessons are in store for your students.  They will need support, and I encourage you to look at the classwork that they are carrying in their math folders for a more detailed breakdown, and to get an idea of what they’re doing in class.  Homework is a must – students must take the time to push themselves at what they’re studying.

This Friday, October 16th, will be the first time I have a substitute teacher.  I encourage you to talk with your students about making the right choices, especially when their normal teacher is not in the classroom.  I will challenge students to be leaders and helpers for others around them.  The class with the best report typically gets a nice surprise.  🙂  Unfortunately, students who choose to misbehave for a substitute teacher face consequences for that choice, and I would hate to have them lose class time next week.

Next week is another special week.  On Monday, October 19, and Tuesday, October 20, the teachers will be participating in continued training for our new Surface Pro 3 technology.  There will be no school on those two days.  Students should still be completing nightly reading from their library books and should still be completing any possible assigned homework.

Thank you for all of the support you provide to your students.  Go Raiders!