The End … of first Semester is here!

Hello, Parents and Students…. The end of the first semester is here! WOW! That was fast.

Parents please review grades as soon as possible.  I have asked each class to submit any late work they would like graded by the deadline of January 22.  Many students submitted late work last week, and I will use this week to grade it.  However, if a your student was absent for a quiz and needs to make that up, please have them make an appointment with me after school on Wednesday.  That is the only day I will be available this week, unfortunately.

Friday is a half day for students, and teachers will work in the afternoons to submit grades for report cards.  New class schedules for semester classes will begin on Monday, February 1st.  Conferences will be held on Thursday, February 4th.  I look forward to seeing you then.  We have lots of good news to share.




New Surface Pros Mean a New Routine

Hello parents!  Boy, we had a lot of excited students on Friday.  I feel so privileged to be a part of this district where we are taking student-driven education and college-readiness to a whole new level.

Please keep in mind that with this new technology, there should be a new development of student organizational routines.  Most teachers will be utilizing an app called “ClassNote 2016” to deliver instruction, provide supplemental materials (videos, screen casts, and diagrams), and distribute/collect homework.  ClassNote is like a virtual binder – your student will have a ClassNote folder for each class, and these folders should be reviewed nightly.  This week, I will be giving a homework assignment for students to show parents each folder and I will be asking parents to sign a page in the math folder.  This is an effort to encourage students to familiarize you with the new system.  Please take the time to review the ClassNote 2016 app with them each night for the first 30 days of use.   Development of the new routine is critical, and new habits take 30 days to develop properly!


Thank you for your support.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Quick note!

Parents – I arranged with a few of you to have your student stay after school on Monday, November 16th, to catch up on an assignment or get a little help.  Unfortunately, I was out sick that day.  Please know that I feel terrible about missing this day.   I will be staying after school on Wednesday Nov. 18, and Thursday Nov. 19, so I’m happy to accommodate students on that day.  Please call if you need to ask questions or if I can help in any other way to address a concern.  269-423-6925

Items to note in the coming two weeks…


A couple of items to note as we approach the latter half of October…

Mid-Module Assessments are happening now.  Along with that, more challenging lessons are in store for your students.  They will need support, and I encourage you to look at the classwork that they are carrying in their math folders for a more detailed breakdown, and to get an idea of what they’re doing in class.  Homework is a must – students must take the time to push themselves at what they’re studying.

This Friday, October 16th, will be the first time I have a substitute teacher.  I encourage you to talk with your students about making the right choices, especially when their normal teacher is not in the classroom.  I will challenge students to be leaders and helpers for others around them.  The class with the best report typically gets a nice surprise.  🙂  Unfortunately, students who choose to misbehave for a substitute teacher face consequences for that choice, and I would hate to have them lose class time next week.

Next week is another special week.  On Monday, October 19, and Tuesday, October 20, the teachers will be participating in continued training for our new Surface Pro 3 technology.  There will be no school on those two days.  Students should still be completing nightly reading from their library books and should still be completing any possible assigned homework.

Thank you for all of the support you provide to your students.  Go Raiders!

Wildcat to Raider!


I am so excited to become a Decatur Raider!  I can already see that this is a community-supported school district that is working to make a positive impact.

I have been a middle school math teacher for almost ten years – first at Trinity Lutheran School in Paw Paw, then at Linden Grove Middle School.  It is my passion.  I believe that every child has the capability to grow and make a positive step in life, and I aim to carry that belief into the classroom every day.

I am a graduate of Western Michigan University (Bachelors Degree) and Michigan Technological University (Masters Degree).  My husband, Josh Ernstes is also a Raider, teaching Biology this year.  We have a three year old son, Jacob, who is absolutely the love of our lives.  The three of us share a love of all sports.  We are die hard Michigan fans!  Jacob has especially enjoyed watching the Raiders play basketball while his dad coaches.